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FRANK TURNER 7″ collection

The only reason I ever attempted to collect as many different versions of his vinyl as I could, is because we are friends. I’m not one for owning multiple copies of the same record most of the time, but do make exceptions on occasion. Part of my motivation here was the fact that Turner didn’t actually seem that bothered about owning all the different versions himself – which I found to be outrageous – so decided to collect them all on his behalf.

For the most part, I bought these rather than blagged them, and this fact is reflected in my incomplete collection. There is stuff missing, which as much as I’d like to have, I will have to live without.


Limited Edition. 7″. Xtra Mile Recordings.
Red Splatter. /250(?)

This was one in a series of four 7″ singles Xtra Mile put out for a reason I can no longer remember, but it might have been their second birthday. As I remember it, there was 1000 singles in total, with each split into a pressing of 250. I need to check up that. Either way, with the addition of the now defunct Reuben on the other side, you’d be lucky to track this down.

For trivia buffs, this was the first release of his now anthem The Real Damage. Which, incidentally, he played live for the first time supporting Reuben at the Camden Underworld.


FRANK TURNER reasons not to be an idiot
Limited Edition. Hand Numbered 7″. Xtra Mile Recordings
Black Vinyl. /300ish

The idea behind this was to have a one off run of 300, which would be hand numbered and feature 300 different reasons not to be an idiot (all written by Frank). It was initially sold at an instore show at Pure Groove in London. I’m not sure if Pure Groove had the exclusive on this (they were also doing Frank’s publishing at the time), but either way after the original run of 300 sold out, a few more were sold via the Xtra Mile website. I’m not entirely sure how many, but I have the number 31 in my head so let’s go with that. These were distinguishable by the use of silver pen instead of black (and the fact they number above 300 of course). I also am lead to believe that more still exist, but no idea how many.

Two of mine are signed. With his old school signature. He has changed it slightly now after doing it 4 billion times.

For the trivia buffs: Before embarking on this, Frank set up something online where a group of friends were able to suggest some of the reasons. I suggested about 30 reasons, and although I no longer remember what they were, I know some were used. One for definite was “because no one likes a whinger”.

There is another 7″ release of “Reasons Not To Be An Idiot”, which was a split with Fighting With Wire. Allegedly it was limited to 100 but I do not believe that as he was flogging it on his merch stall for ages. I did buy it once, but its MIA.

FRANK TURNER/AUSTIN LUCAS under the influence vol.8 (split)
Limited Edition. 7″. Suburban Home.
Black/White Half and Half. /700.
Red/White Swirl. /300.

I would have sworn under oath there was a plain white one as well, but I appear to be wrong. There is a test press of 20 also, but I have no hope of getting that.

The black and white one has gone for a fair bit on eBay in recent times, but I’ve never seen another of the red (it’s pink) one.

An interesting fact about this is that punk cartoonist Mitch Clem did the artwork. I had never heard of him at the point, but have since become quite the fan.

This comes with a nice little insert explaining why they chose to cover the songs they did, and was number 8 in a series called “Under The Influence” released on Suburban Home.


Limited Edition. 7″. Suburban Home.
Black Vinyl. /500. (Vinyl Collective Exclusive)
Blue Vinyl. /1000.
Red Vinyl. /1000.

These came as a set of three on preorder from Vinyl Collective. The red was subsequently available direct from the artists on The Revival Tour, and is still available now.

There appears to be some confusion surrounding the red pressing. Some people say its red, and some people say its pink. I have a vague recollection of there being some kind of mistake with the pressing, and a number of pink records were made instead of red. However, I am unable to find that information now so wonder if I made it up. Either way, mine is about as pink as it gets.

Whatever the deal, I’m not really a fan of this record. It’s not a great version of Try This At Home, and the artwork is uninspiring. Hence I didn’t bother taking a picture of the other side, or the lyrics printed on the reverse of the cover.

Limited Edition. 7″. Xtra Mile Recordings.
Black Vinyl. /?

I was clearly getting bored of taking pictures at this point. Although, not a massively exciting record to look at to be fair.

This was available on tour when Crazy Arm supported Turner. There was also a number of signed copies available via Xtra Mile (I swapped mine with my friend Justin, as I couldn’t care less about it being signed). It features the alternate version of Long Live The Queen, recorded live at Shepherds Bush Empire.

The more keen eyed of you will notice I also have a test press. I own the actual ears that approved this, as no one at Xtra Mile had a functioning record player at the time. I think there is 10 tests in total.

FRANK TURNER try this at home
(split with competition winners Retrospective Soundtrack Players and Isaac Graham) Limited Edition. Hand numbered 7″. Xtra Mile/Epitaph.
Black Vinyl. 49/1500.

Xtra Mile in the UK, in conjunction with Epitaph for the rest of the world ran a competition for one artist from each of those territories to appear on the b-side of this hand numbered affair. Retrospective Soundtrack Players have since signed to Xtra Mile, and released an album based around the film Cool Hand Luke.

Turner clearly did the numbering as no one else does a 9 like that. That is clearly a G. His penmanship is appalling. Trivia fans might also like to know he types with two fingers in a rapid stabbing motion.

I have a test press of this one too. Not much to see.

I will do the 10″ and 12″ collection soon.


2 responses

  1. Rick

    This is some great stuff. I wish I could track down copies of some of these. Thanks for the info on the records.

    February 27, 2012 at 12:43 am

  2. Rick

    Here’s the information you mentioned about the Try This At Home red/pink. You are correct

    April 4, 2012 at 5:02 pm

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